Master Plan (series), 2014-2021

serie master plan | francesco di tillo
Monotype transfer b/n and color on paper 

The Master Plan series consists of several unique and irreproducible works on paper.
In each of them, a theme is developed related to the vision of a masterplan. This masterplan, however, is made up of real images of urban rubble layered together, sometimes creating or redesigning an unknown territory, other times presenting itself instead as a fragment of memory, a vague, harmonious image full of indefinite information.
The layering of the images generates an enormous amount of more or less identifiable details. In some of these there are, in addition to architectural elements, also people, in others there is no trace of a human being: only masses of rubble that affect a new landscape.
Depending on the distance with which you observe each of these works you will immerse yourself in a jagged and deep micro-world. As you get closer, the observation becomes unstable and frenetic, bouncing the eye from side to side.

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