#12.430.494, 2017

#12.430.494, 2017 | video | francesco di tillo
Video 4'43"
color, sound

#12.430.494 is the death certificate code of a tree in São Paulo, Brazil.

The video follows the felling of the tree, a Guapuruvu native tree of the Brazilian Mata Atlantica forest, first in reverse and then in the original sequence. Let us first suggest a reconstruction, reconstitution, a feeling of salvation, relief and serenity. In the second part of the video, however, the tree is progressively cut to create feelings of sadness, anger, sorrow.

#12.430.494 is the cycle of life and death, construction and destruction, dream and reality.

The video is also designed to be projected into an infinite loop, a mantra, losing the sense of beginning and end.

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