Anomos, 2014 [solo exhibition]

photo detail - Anomos 2014 |
Photos, objects, installations, video and others materials.
Variable dimensions

The exhibition presents a research carried out on the theme of “State of Exception”, which has had the subject of study the events that occurred in parallel with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In fact, the football event is taken up as the background of a complex socio-economic system presented in relation to a more local event: the homeless occupation nicknamed “Copa do Povo” (People’s Cup), which was formed in a few kilometers away from the São Paulo stadium, one of the cities where the great international event took place.

During the project Francesco Di Tillo lived in direct contact with the occupied community (more than 30 thousand families), participating and knowing the contradictions of this context, where the “State of Exception”, following the philosophical thought of Giorgio Agamben, shows itself on the spot as the “emptying of the right”. Where the imposition of rules goes beyond its own constitution and state sovereignty and the general rule installed so that the system conspires with the new rule generated.

On the one hand the World Cup, an international event, which transforms into a fetish and swallows society in such a way that we leave even the most gambling things like working, studying, eating, to participate in this gigantic ludic circus and be delighted without remorse, thereby abandoning our true social duties and vested rights. On the other hand, inside the “Copa do Povo”, the occupants dream of a totally uncertain future.

Sounds, photos, videos, immanent, tinned, prostrate materials. Servant or coordinator? What we do is what we want? where is our goal going? who decides where we go?

text by Gianni Toyota
for the Solo exhibition ANOMOS, at Ponto Aurora, São Paulo, Brazil – 2014

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