Chuck-in, 2008

Chuck-in, 2008 | installation | francesco di tillo
tredmill, curtain, motor
200x400x250 cm ca.

Taking the idea of Massimo Bartolini’s according th whom “art is a matter of invisible”, Di Tillo has conceived a machine for exercise of thought. A tredmill running was redesigned and transformed: in the exhibition room the object was laid on a sill, in front of a window obscured by a curtain. The machine offers the visitor an unusual perpetual path, the feeling of constant friction of the passage on the roller, a potential way out, which always implies an effort. Not excluding a possible failure, that difficult rise, however, could produce the tension required to reach the threshold between what is real and what is moved by the imagination.

Text by a.titolo, for the Residency art exhibition with Massimo Bartolini in Turin, 2008

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