Matrici, 2020 - Villa Davia Colle Ameno |
3 slabs of 135x55x5cm each made with a mixture of earth, lime, sand, 
cement, oxides

The Matrici triptych, stands during the Artistic Residence in Colle Ameno, as part of the larger collective project Capital Project.

For the exhibition “Forme di discontinuità” (Forms of discontinuity), 3 slabs associated with 3 eighteenth-century rooms of the Villa Davia building were created in the village of Colle Ameno in Sasso Marconi (Bologna), an Enlightenment urban project born with the aim of being an Ideal City.

As can be seen from the presentation text, the exhibition intends to coherently develop a comprehensive research on the human being and the social structures in which it is inserted. Art is no longer seen as a simply aesthetic component or inherent in entertainment, rather as a force capable of developing new territories of thought and therefore of behavior.
The three fundamental points on which the artists will work are: cultural, legal and economic dimension. That is the foundations on which a civil society is founded.”

On this basis, the plates promote 3 concepts and attitudes – Public Happiness, Antifragility, Fertility – that can shape the current weaknesses of today’s society and of the human being and transform them into strengths and resources available to everyone. The plates, therefore, become productive and reproductive matrices for a new dimension of reality.

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