Falecimentos, 2013

Falecimentos, 2012 | pphotography | francesco di tillo
Earth, cement, lime, iron, sand

“In the Falecimentos series, the artist Francesco Di Tillo presents a series of photographs of objects for sale at events known as “Familia vende tudo” (Family sells everything).

In one of the images when we read the gold letters written on a porcelain plate, we discovered that Alzira and Fausto celebrated the golden wedding on November 24, 2001, in the Mediterraneo Tatuapé buffet, Brazil. This is the only personal identification that remains.

Di Tillo’s photographs make us fantasize about stories behind the scenes and fill empty frames, at the precise moment when, perhaps, after decades, the accumulated symbolism for the lives that have inhabited these objects are about to disappear.

The cancellation of family memories, the common practice for which the acquisition of personal property becomes of other owners, does not eliminate, however, the aura they have – this is what distinguishes them from ordinary objects.

The exhibition by Francesco Di Tillo is, in some way, a simulacrum of a room in a house where images were captured.

The double meaning of end and beginning from the Falecimentos project unites the old and new owner, the artist and the public. Even if everyone’s experience is confronted with his baggage, everyone will have the common feeling that just when we get rid of certain overweight objects, certain memories can continue to exist.”

Text by Mariana Lorenzi 

Below, exhibition view at Museo da Imagem e do Som – MIS, São Paulo.