What matters is what remains, 2018

What matters is what remains, 2018 - detail | francescoditillo.com
Compacted earth
ca. 400x700x90cm

Reflecting on the educational seasons of Casa Rossa, the first innovative Agricultural School, then Casa di Rieducazione male juvenile, Francesco Di Tillo, recovers a scene of daily life by setting up a classroom but composed to the negative. Chair and benches are rendered by solid banks of earth, transitory signs of presences that are, of lives spent between joys and sufferings, serenity and pain.

The artist recovers and re-evaluates memory, understood as a plot of relationships, emotions and experiences. Only once educational activity can you keep it lucid and pass it on to posterity, making sure that “what remains” is always present and alive.

text by Carmelo Cipriani for Apulia Land Art Festival 2018

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