Fresh air, 2010

Fresh Air, 2010 | sound installation | francesco di tillo
sound environmental installation
sound loop of 2h

In a certain way Fresh air follows this process. It runs through the flows of a shopping mall and it creates an ‘artificial’ and ‘natural’ space. It creates a mixture of artificial context, -however of daily experience like that of a shopping mall-, and of suspended nature artificially produced, but very often unknown to normal lifestyle.

We are more easily accustomed to urban nuisances than to the sounds of nature. It will have the effect of a mass disturbance, of an ironic and “light” disorder, of a widespread instability floating in the atmosphere and in the ears of the passer-by.

From the interview with the art critic and curator Gabriele Tosi, for the exhibition “The Difference”, Officine Minganti, Bologna 2010 

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