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Eterna series, 2020 - detail |

Eterna, 2020

earth, clay, compost, lime, live roots ca. 35x55x12cm each Eterna (alpha), 2020 – detail Eterna (alpha), 2020 – detail Eterna (alpha), 2020 Eterna (beta), 2020 …

Matrici, 2020 - Villa Davia Colle Ameno |

Matrices, 2020

The tryptic “Matrices” promote 3 concepts and attitudes – Public Happiness, Antifragility, Fertility – that can shape the current weaknesses of today’s society and of the human being and transform them into strengths and resources available to everyone…

Viva, 2019 | sculpture -

Viva, 2019

The latest series of Francesco’s sculptures go, in my opinion, in the most coherent direction that the language and the sculptural environment will present in the future.

photo detail - Anomos 2014 |

Anomos, 2014

The exhibition presents a research carried out on the theme of “State of Exception”, which has had the subject of study the events that occurred in parallel with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.