Mom / Momscapes, 2009-2012

digital print on plexiglass and alluminium A scientific article arose the possibility of birth on the moon, noting how 50 years after the first landing on the moon, doubts still persist about its geography, the legal rules governing the responsibilities on the lunar surface. Mom is the world land applies to the moon, to position themselves within a geography that finally defines the origin of a possible birth.  If a

Born on the moon, 2009

parachute, incubator, neon lights, audio environmental dimensions “Born on the moon it looks like a particular event in the course of an event in which lights, sounds and fluctuations stage a natural process. The eventuality of an incubator parachuted on Earth, the title suggests then the origin, is aimed at undermining the expectations constituted on the experience of one’s own life by opening to reflection on other realities. The destruction

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