medical instrumentation, 2 video, various object

variable dimensions

"Looking back the structure that now hosted the 64Galleria, Francesco Di Tillo, does re-emerge from the folds of the architectural history the old medical clinic that was located there.
Wheelchairs, gynecological chairs, medical beds, surgical equipment, equipment for electrocardiograms, and a waiting room will be accompanied by some videos of autopsies and anatomical lessons for children.
That field is put into a taxonomy of plausible, be read in the mathematics key term: in the tree structure of the memory of the place, which belongs to his having been in the past a medical clinic, the artist combines specific subcategories represented by objects which distributes them almost randomly in space. These items, medical equipment, are emphasized in their meaning through video representing a surplus of information in relation to the total installation

From the catalogue of the personal exhibition "Analisi 1", Galleria Sessantaquattro, Baricella, curated by Nerina Ciaccia

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