What matters is what remains, 2018

earth environmental dimensions “Reflecting on the educational seasons of Casa Rossa, the first innovative Agricultural School, then Casa di Rieducazione male juvenile, Francesco Di Tillo, recovers a scene of daily life by setting up a classroom but composed to the negative. Chair and benches are rendered by solid banks of earth, transitory signs of presences that are, of lives spent between joys and sufferings, serenity and pain. The artist recovers

#12.430.494, 2017

video, color 4’43” #12.430.494 is the code of the death certificate of a tree in São Paulo, Brazil. The video traces the felling of the tree, a Guapuruvu originating from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, first in reverse and then in the original sequence. We suggest initially a reconstruction, reconstitution, a feeling of salvation, of relief and serenity. In the second part of the video, instead, the tree is progressively cut

Born on the Moon, 2009

A scientific article arose the possibility of birth on the moon, noting how 50 years after the first landing on the Moon, doubts still persist about its geography, the legal rules governing the responsibilities on the lunar surface. “If a child born on the Moon what would be his state of birth?”, say the article.The Moon, therefore, is the non-place par excellence, indeed, the total absence of place, where man

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