Anomos, 2014

various media and materials variable dimensions “The exhibition presents a research carried out on the theme of” State of Exception “, which has been the object of the study parallel to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In fact, the football event is taken up as the background of a complex socio-economic system presented in relation to a more local event: the occupation of homeless nicknamed “Copa do Povo” (People’s

Prayer, 2012

video, color 4’19” Islamism. Muslim. Islam. Al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden. The East. Speeches and words of the XX and XXI century. State leaders and personalities of the Western countries debate today, again, about Islam as a problem. On rare occasions with knowledge and substance. Often, words to the wind. Subverted. Perverse. Reversed, they acquire another meaning, another lenguage. Oration, seeks this challenge: interfere with communicability, imagine doors to a

Analisi 1, 2008

medical instrumentation, 2 video, various object variable dimensions “Looking back the structure that now hosted the 64Galleria, Francesco Di Tillo, does re-emerge from the folds of the architectural history the old medical clinic that was located there. Wheelchairs, gynecological chairs, medical beds, surgical equipment, equipment for electrocardiograms, and a waiting room will be accompanied by some videos of autopsies and anatomical lessons for children. That field is put into a

Death brokering. A memorial, 2011

video-action color, 5’04” Our society, dazed by the idea of evolution and progress, often leads to resentment and extreme actions that are directly proportionate to the ambition to succeed. Death Brokering is a video documentation of a series of urban actions that took place in New York City by Francesco Di Tillo. Funeral posters have been specifically designed and displayed in many advertising places frequented by New York life. The

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