What matters is what remains, 2018

earth environmental dimensions “Reflecting on the educational seasons of Casa Rossa, the first innovative Agricultural School, then Casa di Rieducazione male juvenile, Francesco Di Tillo, recovers a scene of daily life by setting up a classroom but composed to the negative. Chair and benches are rendered by solid banks of earth, transitory signs of presences that are, of lives spent between joys and sufferings, serenity and pain. The artist recovers

Totem /.\ , 2017

wood, canes, straw, clay, salt, string 350x350x300 cm approx. “The long history of the Saline of Margherita di Savoia involves people who found in the saline the work, hope and permanent possibilities of a community that now boasts a century.Totem /.\ is an installation made with natural materials found on the site, which recalls this story through the symbol of a model home in which memory, suffering and joy are

Anomos, 2014

various media and materials variable dimensions “The exhibition presents a research carried out on the theme of” State of Exception “, which has been the object of the study parallel to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In fact, the football event is taken up as the background of a complex socio-economic system presented in relation to a more local event: the occupation of homeless nicknamed “Copa do Povo” (People’s

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