Anomos, 2014

various media and materials variable dimensions “The exhibition presents a research carried out on the theme of” State of Exception “, which has been the object of the study parallel to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In fact, the football event is taken up as the background of a complex socio-economic system presented in relation to a more local event: the occupation of homeless nicknamed “Copa do Povo” (People’s

Fresh air, 2010

environmental audio installation “Fresh air consists primarily of sound-recordings and sound-samples of gusts of wind, wind from the sea, wind from the mountains, the city, etc.We could think of a wind tunnel, as indirect reference to this production, a high-tech equipment used to study the external gas flows and the resulting aerodynamics of dockages, usually aircrafts, cars and other complex means of conveyance.It creates a mixture of artificial context -however

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