In all sense of the Earth, 2019

mixed media on canvas, metal pipes and junctions

150 x 270 x 234 cm

Seismic movements can be studied, but never predicted. Thus they become an event that challenges man’s ability to adapt and control. In the same way, its action reaches the same stability as human society, having the ability to destroy cities and symbols associated with progress in a few seconds. This uncontrollable quality of the earthquake establishes a direct connection with the most irrational part of our being and the ability to capture the reality that surrounds us.

If we think about it, moreover, during an earthquake there is a movement of the earth so imposing that the balance is often lost, just that equilibrium conquered with the evolution of the human species through the upright position.

What has particularly encouraged me from the beginning of this project is the fact that this year, 2019, is the 40th anniversary of the massive earthquake that occurred in Montenegro in 1979.

In all senses of the Earth* is a monumental installation that contains, in my opinion, different historical, cultural and artistic elements of Montenegro. The reference to the 1979 earthquake is evident in the myriad fragments of unstructured and layered images with manual interventions on the large canvas that acts as a screen towards the observer. Is the Chaos of memory, the remains of a now transformed reality, it is the healthy manifestation of a shout that makes the body vibrate, above all of those who lived and remember that April 15th. The second element that makes up the work is a rigid and line- ar structure made with metal pipes and joints typical of modern cement and glass constructions. The structure as a whole imposes itself strongly on the canvas, kidnapping it, tearing it and piercing it and giving it a monumental, utopian, timeless tone, also typical of a lot of communist architecture of the time.

* The artwork become part of the public collection of the Contemporary Art Museum of Podgorica, Montenegro

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