Down to the ground, 2019



Down to the ground is an audio-video installation were a sound wave of audio recordings of different natural contexts (wind, rain, rustling of trees, thunder, waves of the sea, river etc.) is articulated, in the first part of the video, growing and creating an enveloping and relaxing sound universe. As the complexity of the sounds increases, a growing, very low and dark sound is added, which in a few seconds turns into a deafening tremor. At this point the video shows a close sequence of earthquake scenes generating a strong and impetuous chaos of urban sounds, voices and shouts of people, falling objects, sirens and the advancing panic. This part continues for about a minute and a half until everything is calm again and slowly the sound environment returns to be the initial one with relaxing natural sounds.

It’s the sound and the feeling of the earth when it decides to remind us who is in charge.

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