All things must penetrate one another

About me

My approach of the art invites to reflect on the forms of knowledge by proposing subjects paradoxical, incomprehensible, or even catastrophic, causing an perpetual oscillation between the visible and the imaginary, disturbing and at the same time becoming fond to the reactions of the others, to futility and irrationality of things, contexts, vital flows that makes imaginary and that denies the reality although unable to refuse it. Normally my proposals are so on the threshold of the impossible but never appear offside.

I’m interested in the idea that the viewer, the spectator, so “brainwashed” is temporarily free from the cultural roots inevitably constraining and it can start a process of knowledge sufficiently impartial.

Recently i’m working on natural catastrophes or events as aspects that developing or destroy the human free will and the ability off the self-control.

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